Hello and welcome to my Eric Bergqvist Winkle Brig online archive.

I am Alison Bergqvist and I first met Eric in 1982 after he had finished building the Memory but when he was still moulding Folksongs for home completion. Being already a sailor and boat lover, I jumped at the opportunity to take over Eric’s ‘dreaded paperwork’ and was soon happily helping him to design and market his new Winkle Brig classic trailer-sailer.

For me the highlights of the job were our stays at the Southampton Boat Show where we exhibited a new boat each year and proudly showed her off to existing and prospective owners as well as catching up with old friends and fellow exhibitors. If I was very lucky and the show boat wasn’t already sold then I got to choose her name, ‘Dolly‘ and ‘Moss Rose’ being just two with connections to my own maritime family history.

Our son John was born premature and poorly in 1991 so I spent the best part of a year visiting him in hospital and then keeping him isolated at home. This led to my pulling out of the business and eventually moving back to Somerset to bring him up alone but near to my family and roots. John is part of the reason I suggested this website as it is he who is building and maintaining it, and he is also very proud of his Winkle Brig heritage.

My other motivation is to offer, to anyone who may be interested, a viewing of my own personal archive of Winkle Brig information and memorabilia collected up until 1991, together with associated boaty bits and pieces that would otherwise not be seen nor heard of again. It seemed such a shame to leave it all packed away when it might be of interest to past, present and future owners of Winkle Brigs or anyone idly surfing the net for all things boaty. As there are currently several other excellent websites carrying up-to-date information and advice with forums and blogs regarding the Winkle Brig, this site is intended to be purely for reference.

This site is still under construction and we have plans to add to, and update it, as circumstances permit and we find more material. After several years living without boats when John was young (he never took to boating himself) I have taken up sailing again with my Topper and my Cornish Crabber CormorantRosina’. I also cruise with my partner on his Hardy 20 River PilotTess‘ but sadly the current crisis situation has put paid to all of that for a while. Eric is still tinkering with boats, motor bikes and classic cars, and both of us are thoroughly enjoying our respective retirements!

Hoping you find something of interest herein – with very best wishes from Ali & John.